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Installation in Forney, Mesquite, Terrell, Sunnyvale, Rockwall, Garland and surrounding areas

Schindler Carpet & Floors' expert craftsmen know the correct installation method for every flooring product
Schindler Carpet & Floors understands that unless you have prior experience, the installation of new flooring is not a wise do-it-yourself project. Schindler Carpet & Floors has frequently been called-in to repair or replace do-it-yourself flooring installation that was done by inexperienced people. Regrettably, instead of saving money and time, the mistakes ended up costing more and taking far longer.

Regardless of whether you wish to install new hardwood, ceramic or porcelain tile, laminate or carpet, Schindler Carpet & Floors has the experienced craftsmen to do your installation properly and on time. Each of our professional installers is licensed and insured and has many years of experience with flooring products and materials. Our goal is to install your new residential or commercial flooring properly and affordably, so that it will last for a very long time in your home or business.
Flooring installation in the Dallas area

Do-it-yourself floor installation is just too risky

Notwithstanding how experienced you believe that you are, having a professional install your floors will prevent problems, save you money and eliminate unneeded stress. Problems can easily be the result of humidity, incorrect installation methods, or failing to use the proper padding. In addition, inaccurate floor measurement can result in over or under ordering of the flooring products and thus cause extra project delays. The experienced professional installation team at Schindler Carpet & Floors knows just what to do with every type of flooring. We serve customers in Sunnyvale, Mesquite, Forney and Rockwell communities.

We offer a free consultation and cost estimate for any sized residential or commercial installation project. Call us or stop by at our Forney, Texas store where you'll find our experienced folks ready to answer all your questions and help you get your installation project underway.