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In-home measurements in Mesquite, Terrell, Sunnyvale, Rockwall, Garland and surrounding areas

An in-home measurement aids in purchasing new flooring
Before you begin ordering your new flooring, you need to know how much you need. This prevents you from spending more money than you should. It also prevents you from wasting time waiting for more to be delivered when you don't order enough. Trust your in-home measurement to Schindler Carpet & Floors! Every one of our specialists is licensed and insured for top-quality results.

You might think that measurement is a simple enough task at first, but the truth is this: Mistakes happen. With an old fashioned measuring tape and no experience, mistakes are almost certain to happen. That might be fine in some cases, but when it comes to flooring, measurements count. Everything from the temperature to the shape of the room can affect how much flooring you will need. Measuring a rectangle is one thing. However, rooms where you want new flooring installed in might not be a perfect square or rectangle. We may have to install around permanent fixtures or in a room with challenging angles.

You must also consider small things that are easy to forget, like ordering floor covering for steps leading into the room or for closet spaces. Experts know that you should always order at least 5 percent extra of the floor covering to make sure there is enough for the job. Some people even order up to 10 percent to really make sure there is enough to go around! The worst feeling is knowing that your installation or renovation is going to be pushed back for weeks while you wait for more flooring to be delivered. It is just as bad to know that you ordered too much flooring and have nowhere to put it.

When you are spending thousands of dollars on improving your home, you want things to be perfect. Exact measurements help us give you the right amount of material. It reduces your stress by making sure that ordering and installing your floors goes smoothly. Finally, it saves you money in the long-run by preventing over or under-buying materials.
In Home Flooring Measurement in the Dallas area

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Accuracy is our top priority. You are guaranteed great customer service and flawless service every time you choose to work with Schindler Carpet & Floors. Requesting service is a snap too -- our improved internet-based appointment system makes it possible to set a meeting with our experts from the comfort of your home or office.

Make sure that you get the most accurate measurements in your home by hiring the professionals at Schindler Carpet & Floors. We have showrooms in Lindale and Tyler, TX, serving Brownsboro, Chandler, Lindale, Tyler, and Whitehouse, TX. We also have a mobile flooring showroom based in Forney, TX serving Mesquite, Terrell, Forney, Sunnyvale, Rockwall, and more. You will get the highest quality results when you come to us!