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Hardwood refinishing


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Hardwood floor refinishing in Forney, Mesquite, Terrell, Sunnyvale, Rockwall, Garland and surrounding areas

Schindler Carpet & Floors' hardwood floor refinishing services affordably restores what time has taken away
Replacing a hardwood floor requires a significant expense, but hardwood floor refinishing by Schindler Carpet & Floors' professionals can solve this problem for far less. Schindler Carpet & Floors knows just how costly it is to completely replace a dull, lackluster hardwood floors and how much you will save with our hardwood floor refinishing service. We have successfully refinished hardwood floors for many satisfied customers in Forney, Rockwell, Mesquite, Sunnyvale and other nearby Texas communities at much less cost than complete floor replacement.

Hardwood floors are strong, durable and long lasting. However, just like all types of flooring, hardwoods will eventually show wear and lose their shine due to foot traffic, liquid spills, direct sunlight the movement of heavy furniture across them and even pet claws. These every day events will wear down the hardwood's finish sooner or later and cause damage that dulls its appearance. That's why Schindler Carpet & Floors is pleased to offer hardwood refinishing services in our nearby Texas communities.
Hardwood refinishing in the Dallas area
Hardwood refinishing in the Dallas area

Everyday life is the culprit for needing hardwood refinishing

When hardwood floors are originally installed, and also when they are refinished, the wood is covered with a hard urethane coat that protects it against liquid spills, abrasive dirt and wear from the family's normal foot traffic. This coasting includes tiny flakes of aluminum oxide to further increase its protection and prevent damage from the UV rays in direct sunlight. This protective coating also adds strength and increases the luster of the wood itself.

While unavoidable, sand and dirt carried inside on people's shoes, or pet feet, are much like sandpaper and will slowly scrape away the hardwood coating. Once the coating wears away, soil and liquids can sink down into the wood, causing swelling, warping and some loss of color. The UV rays from sunlight will also bleach out the rich colors from hardwood and make them appear to be dull and unattractive.

Hardwood refinishing is the solution

Hardwood sanding and refinishing that is done to your floors by Schindler Carpet & Floors' professionals will effectively undo damage that was done over the years and restore your hardwood flooring to its original condition. This hardwood refinishing process will also extend the life of your floor and the process considerably less expensive than complete hardwood floor replacement.

Schindler Carpet & Floors will be pleased to give you a free consultation and cost estimate at your convenience. Call us or stop in at our stores in Lindale and Tyler, TX to discuss your hardwood refinishing needs. We service Brownsboro, Chandler, Lindale, Tyler, and Whitehouse, TX. We also have a mobile store based in Forney, TX serving Mesquite, Terrell, Forney, Sunnyvale, Rockwall, and more.