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Design consultation


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Design consultation

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur! You may think you're saving money in the short-term by hiring an amateur for your design consultation, but in the long term, not hiring professional will cost you more money because you're going to have to fix all the errors that the amateur caused. You can have the privilege of a professional design consultation without having to pay excessive amounts for it...and the emphasis, of course, is on PROFESSIONAL. You can't go wrong! You can't lose!
What can you expect from us -- free, and for no obligation?!
Our professionals will -- with your guidance (because only you know how much you can, and will, spend) -- plan your budget out down to the dollar. They'll also make sure you have about 10% left over in an emergency fund known as a contingency budget.

There's no point in actually getting a design consultation without the actual DESIGN. Just tell us the room you want us to re-imagine, and we'll do the rest!
Flooring Design Consultation in the Dallas area

Design consultation

Call us if you're ready to get started! Our design consultations are free & there's no obligation to buy attached to our consultations. We're confident that you'll love our services, and we're equally confident that you'll agree that there's no better company than ours for all of your design consultation needs!