The Ins & Outs of Hardwood Flooring

Year after year, hardwood remains at the top of the consumer preference surveys, and retailers report that sales continue to climb. However, selling hardwood, despite its popularity, is no easy task. While wood flooring is a desirable, natural product, it reacts to temperature and moisture and can easily sustain damage. In order to avoid product and installation problems customers must understand the unique characteristics of wood and its proper installation applications along with being educated in care and maintenance.

An important aspect for customers is to deal with companies who are knowledgeable and have understanding of proper hardwood application and care. Salespeople must prepare homeowners and business-owners for natural expansion and contraction so they won't be surprised by slight gaping, squeaks or cupping. Making sure that customers have realistic expectations is a big part of the success of selling hardwood. When sales people fail to give homeowners a clear picture of normal changes in wood from one season to another, salespeople get complaint calls.

Homeowners can also unwittingly cause significant damage to hardwood floors. Improper cleaning or spills left too long can cause water damage. Grit from dirty floors can cause premature wear. High heels can create pockmarks. Pets can cause scuffs, and furniture can create scratches and gouges. Even when salespeople work hard to inform customers of the proper care for hardwood flooring, they don't always listen or fully remember. Then when a problem occurs, once again the flooring company is called in to address the issue.

When selecting hardwood, there is nothing more challenging than when a customer is not educated in all aspects of the wood species, proper application, and care of the particular type of hardwood floors that the customer wants. Unrealistic expectations and complex installation issues make thorough sales training crucial. All of the sales personnel and installers here at Schindler Carpet & Floors go through extensive teaching and training and proper installation applications with various manufactures and distributors.

A flooring sale does not end when the salesperson shakes hands with the homeowner. Installers can also make or break a wonderful hardwood experience with a flooring company. Nationwide there is a dearth, lack of seasoned experienced-skilled installers. The number one problem that we have in this industry is the lack of qualified professionals to install hardwood floors. It is important for the consumer to research companies who have great reputations that are certified with the BBB, have certified-skilled installers and carry proper insurance to cover any issues caused by the installation.

We are confident that the experts and craftsmen at Schindler Carpet & Floors can meet all these expectations and exceed them with superior product selection, education, service and installation.

Schindler Carpet & Floors gives you all the materials and services you need for your home improvement project. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and we'll put years of experience to work for you. Contact us or speak with a knowledgeable associate about your needs while you're here.