Should You Consider Hardwood Countertops?

The days of hardwood being just for floors are over – these days, you can use hardwood any place that calls for a bit of class and elegance. Hardwood is one of the most versatile, if not the most versatile, material in home improvement that one could ask for.

When used in countertops, hardwood makes a great cutting board (of course), although extra care must be taken to make sure that the porous surface doesn't hold too much bacteria.

So, what else do you need to know about this emerging trend in countertops?

•  Do not clean the countertops with a toxic oil substance; because hardwood is porous, toxicity from the oils can leech into the food, causing untold amounts of sickness.

•  Choose the wood for your countertop carefully. Hard maple, teak, and tigerwood are just a few of the many woods that are suitable for this elegant and timeless look.

•  Worried about bacteria? A mild water-bleach solution – made with one part bleach to four parts water – will kill whatever infectious critters happen to be on your wood.

•  Cleaning the hardwood countertops is easy: just wipe it clean with damp rag after each use. No need for harsh chemicals or elaborate cleaners!

•  Think twice before chopping vegetables or other goodies on the hardwood countertop – if it's not specifically designed for cutting purposes, it will be treated with a polyurethane cover. Needless to say, this covering is toxic, and can easily leach into foods. If you're going to cut food on such a countertop, be sure to put down a cutting board first.

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