Floor tile will never go out of style; walk into a tile shop this year, and you'll Greek and Roman-themed designs; terrazzo looks; Art Deco patterns; Arabesques; concrete, metal, stone and glass tiles, and much more. Tile, however, is as functional as it is beautiful, being waterproof, easy to clean, and instantly adds architectural and design interest to your home, which, in turn, increases property values. Here's what we see in our tile store.

1.People are clamoring for wood look tile, especially for bathroom floors.

Wood floors are trending, and that's expected to last for at least 15 years, and, by extension, that also includes wood look floors. Wood-look tiles are created with Inkjet Technology, making intricate patterns, like the swirls and raised grains of wood, possible, complete with textures like wire-brushed hand-scraped, weathered and distressed. Wood-look tile comes in all colors, including high variation, and can be cut into planks of any size.

2. Mosaics:small in size, a giant on design

Mosaics are ultra-tiny (sometimes as small as 1 X 1), highly decorative, and often glass-coated ceramic tiles. They are also durable and mold and mildew resistant, making them ideal for the bathroom floor where they are now trending. In addition, mosaics add a distinctive, high-end style that, because of their size, requires many grout lines, which ultimately add texture and increase traction and make it less slippery.

3. Encaustic-style tiles: modern, yet medieval

These are intricate designs that appear inlaid and are created by two or more colors of clay. The design sits on top with glazed tiles, so it can eventually wear off, but that doesn't happen here since the pattern is baked right into the clay.

These date back to the medieval period and, while the trend first started in Europe, it moved over to the U.S. as modern technology, like Inkjet, made this all possible. You can get encaustic styles with floral, hexagonal, diamond, and geometric, among other shapes.

4.Marble look tiles

While any stone look is trending, marble is particularly so, especially since marble slab can be very pricey. It's being used in every room in the house, especially on bathroom floors, and can create the luxury of a 5-star hotel bath or one of a high-end spa.

Are you inspired yet? We are! Come in for a complimentary design consultation to see what you can accomplish with tile flooring. You'll also get a free quote, so come into the Schindler Carpet and Floors showroom in Lindale, Forney, or Tyler, TX, servicing the entire Dallas area.