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About hardwood flooring


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Reasons to consider hardwood flooring

The style seems like it might be reason enough to consider hardwood flooring, but it also has numerous benefits. It provides a rich, warm, elegant atmosphere to your home and is relatively cost-effective when you look at the overall picture. Read further to see why wooden floors might be for you.


Cost-effectiveness and the big picture

These floors are classic and never go out of style. They’ll also last for decades; in fact, we've heard of some that have lasted as long as 100 years, and they tend to look better with age. However, if they start to look excessively scratched or dull, it usually takes sanding and refinishing to bring them back to their original luster. That means no replacement costs!

Two versions of hardwood mean more versatility

Many think of only solid wood floors, but engineered wood flooring appeals to those who want both beauty and practicality. Because of that, it’s taking a significant share of the wood flooring industry. While solid is one thickness throughout, engineered is layered, resulting in increased stability and a better ability to handle water.

On the surface, you can’t tell the difference. The top layer is your species-of-choice with all the beautiful undertones, swirls, raised grains, and quirky knots, but Mother Nature got a little help underneath. Here, genuine wood is combined with a bit of resin and placed in a crosswise position. The floors can be sanded, refinished, and adds value to a property but can also be installed in some higher-than-normal moisture spaces where solid wooden floors cannot be installed.
Other reasons to think about hardwood include wood floors (whether solid or engineered), and they add value to a property, usually about 80 to 90% of the cost of your flooring. They are also relatively low maintenance, requiring daily dust mopping and periodic polishing. Wipe spills immediately, put mats strategically at entrances and in front of sinks, and use protective furniture pads to avoid scratching. If you have pets, keep nails trimmed and possibly select a lighter color floor as they show scratches less.

Your Texas hardwood flooring experts

At Schindler Carpet & Floors, we have it all, from a large inventory of both flooring and bathroom remodeling products and services that include flooring installation, design consultation, hardwood refinishing, bathroom remodeling services, free in-home measuring, and more. To learn more about hardwood flooring, visit our showrooms in Lindale and Tyler, TX. Or if you live in Forney, call for a visit from our fully stocked mobile showroom. We service in and around Mesquite, Terrell, Forney, Sunnyvale, Rockwall, Brownsboro, Chandler, Lindale, Tyler, and Whitehouse, TX.